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Chinese manufacturers CNC automatic Laser Pipe & Tube Cutting Machine for plumbing pipe

We have received a feedback about the Laser Pipe&Tube Cutting Machine from a plumbing pipe customer:

In the past, the customer used 10 conventional pipe cutting machines + 10 operators for cutting. But now, it only takes 1 set of 800W LX-FL120 Laser Pipe&Tube Cutting Machine + 1 operator to replace the workload of those conventional machines(these machines now are out of service). That means:

1 laser pipe cutting machine + 1 operator = 10 conventional cutting machines + 10 operators.

Specifications of the plumbing pipes from customer: 

O.D.18.8mm x 0.8t x 30.5mm(L)---SS round pipe.

The speed of the pipe above can be up to 1.7sec per cut by using our laser cutting machine.


Followings are the features of LX-FL120 Laser Pipe&Tube Cutting Machine:

1. Save labor cost: automatic continuous feed

2. High efficiency: the cutting speed can be up to 20m per minute.

3. Save material: cutting remains are  40mm.

4. No need for secondary processing: the cutting surface is smooth and without burr.

Our customer is very satisfied with this laser pipe&tube cutting machine.

Video: https://youtu.be/i8hkr5o0jFg

Chinese manufacturers CNC automatic Laser Pipe

LX-FL120 laser pipe cutting machine 

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