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Prototyping Pipe Laser Cutting Machine FL-60


Prototyping Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Laser pipe cutting is a cost-effective process that produces intricate parts with small tolerances in medium to high volume production runs. It is also a fast and low-cost process for prototypes or one-off parts due to the quality of the cut and the lack of finishing operations needed.

This series of laser pipe cutting machine especially suitable for those only require for cut off function, such as tube mills, metal processing plants, etc.

Longxin Laser Technology's Laser Pipe Cutting Benefits

Our laser pipe cutting machines have automatic distinguish function that the laser head can be automatic photo-sensing and cutting pipe heads & tails and kick-out from work piece.

Stainless Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Furthermore, one person can operate several machines at the same time, greatly reduce the labor cost and increase production efficiency.

Stainless Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Stainless Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Otherwise, by its smart design in feeding pipe, it greatly minimizes cutting remains' length and thus saves materials loss ( ≦ 40mm ). Smoothly and Burr Free Cutting.

Stainless Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Stainless Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Product Description

Prototyping Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Pipe Cutting Machine For Steel Beach Chairs

Fully automatic feeding function ( optional )

Residue removal function ( optional, 95% of residue inside can be removed )

Cutting Samples

It is suitable for cutting carbon steel & stainless steel.

Stainless Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Main Techincal Parameter

Prototyping Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Main Technical Parameters

Max. Raw Material Length6200MM
Max. Output Power
Effective Round Tube Cutting DiameterΦ16-60MM
Max. Finished Part Length1200MM
Pipe Remain Length40MM
Machine dimension9000*2000*2000MM

 Longxin Laser Technology has the capabilities to provide prototype machines to our customers at a competitive price with short lead times. We can work from samples, rough sketches, or finished engineering drawings. We can also provide Free Tube Sample Cutting. We will also fabricate parts per print when possible or supply a marked up copy of any necessary changes for customer approval prior to production.

Quality Control Standards

To ensure the best quality products possible we provide pressure testing of all finished parts and assemblies created by our 4 axis laser cutting system. Every product that leaves our facility is thoroughly inspected at all stages of production to the industry's highest standards for quality. At Longxin Laser Technology, we strive to meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations through a continued dedication to customer service, quality and productivity.

After-sales Service

Our company also provides free technical training. After the installation and commissioning, we will carry out technical training for the buyer's operators for at least 3-5 days at the buyer's site or at the seller's domestic training and repair center until the operators reach the basic normal use of the equipment.

Furthermore, We offer 1 year warranty, starts from the issue date of bill of lading. The warranty time for laser generator, laser head is 24 months. And we offer lifetime technical supports. After the expiration of the warranty, extensive software and hardware support is provided, and free upgrades are available for life.

Our engineers offer 24 hours online service and free technical support. We are a professional pipe processing equipment manufacturer with 16 years experience. We have professional R&D department and after-sales department to offer you the best solution and technical support. 

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