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Foshan LX Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
Foshan LX Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
Foshan LX Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

We are determined to become the world's leading supplier of pipe cutting equipment.

Our business philosophy: width of one centimeter for range, depth of one kilometer for profession.

With stable quality and competitive price, we provide customers with a full range of metal pipe processing machines, so that customers can experience efficient and convenient "one-stop purchase" service.

Provide machines & metal tube processing solutions, focus on metal tube cutting machines & laser tube cutting machines.

Our company has dozens series of laser pipe cutting machines for you to choose, and we can offer non-standard customization service.

★How we can help you:

1. According to the tubes size you provide me, including shape, outer diameter, wall thickness, cutting length, amount of cutting per day, I will recommend suitable metal tube cutting machines for you.
2. If you have other processing requirements, including chamfering, bending, etc., I will also provide you with full set of solutions and processing lines.
3. Our company will also provide you with pipe cutting services. We will turn your ideas into reality with our high-speed and high-precision machines.
4. Help you build intelligent metal processing factory.

★What industries do we work with:
Metal furniture
Housewares & sanitary
Automotive parts
Construction materials
Industrial equipment
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★Why we can help you:
1. Focus on metal tube cutting machines since 2003, especially round tube laser cutting off machines.
2. Provide the best solution of metal tube processing.
3. Helped more than 3,000 companies in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Spain, United States & Mexico. Also we are looking forward to cooperating with you.


★Metal tube laser cutting machines
★Customized laser tube processing line
★Metal tube laser cutting service

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