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Automatic Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


※This machine is upgrade style with pipe product collector.

    Laser Generator adopts the brand of Max, output 1500W, Transformer efficiency of air to electric is higher than 30%, Common air can be used as cutting gas.

     High stable efficiency of pulsing energy

     Long service life, accuracy. more than 100,000 hours usage for air pump

     Cutting speed is higher than 12 meter/sec., Non cutting blur and neat, non obvious cutting deformation (lesser than 0.1% OD)

     High quality of Laser beam, compact design, light weight.

     Low cost solution, Laser media is glass fiber, no require for particular gas, environmental air source. Easy operation, simple maintenance .

Product Description

Automatic Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Machine body is welded by integral principle, fine machining after annealing for eliminate material inner stress, so is to increase stability

. X,Y,Z axis activate by servo motor and collaborated with high precision reducer, gear, linear guide to transmission. Ensure the mechanism works at high efficiency and accuracy. Equipped with auto lubrication. 

Main Techincal Parameter

Cutting Range
U-axeNo restriction

X/Y/U position accuracy±0.03mm/1000mm
X/Y/U re-position accuracy±0.03mm
Z position accuracy±0.03mm
Z re-position accuracy±0.03mm

X/Y max. speed in positioning 70m/min
X/Y max. speed1G
Machine dimensionL12XW1.4XH2meters

main device
Machine Bodyset
2Laser GeneratorunitMAX/CHINA
4Cutting HeadunitEMPOWERAT240/CHINA

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