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Comparison Between Laser Tube & Pipe Cutting Machine & Conventional type Metal Disc Saw Cutting Machine

Comparison Between Laser Tube & Pipe Cutting Machine & Conventional type Metal Disc Saw Cutting Machine 

At pipe size i.e. Φ12 x 0.8mm (weight 1.37kg/ 6M) basis:



Laser Cutting

Metal Disc Saw



Yes (disc saw or lathe blade)

Wastage (metal dust)

0.1mm per cut

2.7mm per cut

Sec. / per cut

1 second

4 seconds approximately

Cutting qty / day(8h)



Cutting results

Nice & neat, no burr

With burr, end facing required

Cutting ends leftover


140mm ~ 220mm

Pipe working pipe feeding

Continuous auto feeding


Cutting ends displace

Auto kick-out


Pipe material handling

auto in-feed


Operational control

Touch panel


Cutting Saw cooling system


Water + cutting oil for cooling

Cutting oil detain on finish pipe


Needs to take care of

Cutting saw

No attention required

Always needs to sharpen saw teeth or replace for new one


A. calculation in pipe material cutting loss (wastage/metal dust caused):

At the same working condition & time for both methods:


  Laser Cutting

a. Number of cutting time in a year

  60 (1 sec/cut) x 60 (minutes) x 16 (2 shifts per working day) x 300 (working days in a year)

  = 17,280,000 cut.

b. cutting loss (0.1mm per cut) = 1,728,000 mm

c. 1,728,000mm = 1,728 meters = 17,28/6 = 288 piece of pipe (6 meter/piece)

d. 288 x 1.37 kg/piece = 394kg (steel material)


Metal Cutter

a.  By the same cutting numbers (laser cut per year) as 1,728,000 time.

b. cutting loss will be:

17,280,000 x 2.4mm (cutting loss, thickness of disc saw 2.0mm + 0.4mm tolerance) = 41,472,000 mm

= 41,472 meters = 6,912 piece of pipe (6 meter/piece)

      c.  6,912 x 1.37 kg/piece = 9,469. Kg


B.  No water & cutting oil required for cooling purpose, clean working site, no water stain on finished pipe.


  C.  Save hugely manpower input. 


Comparison Between Laser Tube


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