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How to choose suitable antifreeze for your chiller and protect laser tube cutting machines?

The weather is getting cold, winter is on its way in many countries and regions. 

In previous articles, we have introduced:

- Maintenance methods of fiber laser source, fiber laser head and chiller in autumn & winter

- Laser tube cutting machine anti-freezing guidelines

Believing that you already have a clear understanding of how to maintain the laser pipe cutting machine and the main components. 

However, for chiller there are various types of antifreeze with different formulas in the market, so many customers don't know how to choose, mix it, or have already selected some antifreeze that are not suitable for our chillers.

Therefore, we would like to offer some of our professional suggestions.

How to choose suitable antifreeze for your chiller and protect laser tube cutting machines?

Reasonable addition of antifreeze is the key

The full name is antifreeze coolant, that is, coolant with antifreeze function. 

It can prevent the coolant from freezing in cold winter, 

which will burst the pipelines inside the laser and chiller and damage the sealing of the pipeline.

In fact, our chiller has certain requirements for antifreeze. 

Wrong selection or improper use will damage the internal pipelines of the equipment. 

There are 5 basic requirements for the antifreeze:

1. Stable chemical performance

2. Good antifreeze performance

3. The low temperature viscosity is not too large

4. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust 

5. No swelling and erosion performance to rubber sealed conduits

Water-based antifreeze& antifreeze mother liquid

Most of the water-based antifreeze used at home and abroad are ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. 

This type of antifreeze can be directly used in an appropriate proportion according to the working temperature requirements.

The antifreeze mother liquid, that is, the concentrated type, generally cannot be used directly. 

It should be mixed to a certain concentration with demineralized water according to the requirements of the working temperature. 

(Due to the flammability of ethanol, we ask customers not to add alcohol into the chiller, and recommend customers to use antifreeze.)

Three important principles that need to be 

paid attention to during the use of antifreeze

•The lower the concentration, the better

Most antifreeze are corrosive, and ethylene glycol with a concentration of more than 30% may decrease the performance of laser source, as well as a potential failure risk to the water pump motor(stainless steel type) mechanical seal. 

Therefore, in the case of meeting the antifreeze performance, the lower the concentration, the better.

•The shorter the use time, the better

The antifreeze will deteriorate to a certain extent when it is used for a long time. After the antifreeze deteriorates, it will be more corrosive and the viscosity will also change, so it needs to be replaced regularly. For the frequency of replacement, we recommend changing it once every 2-3 months (normal temperature). When the working temperature starts to rise and the sub-zero temperature is lifted, the circulating cooling water can be replaced with softened water such as distilled water or purified water.

• DO not mix with different antifreeze

Try to use the same brand of antifreeze. Even if the main components of different types of antifreeze are the same, their additive formulas are different. It is not advisable to mix them so as to avoid chemical reactions, precipitation or bubbles.

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