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The cutting efficiency of laser tube cutting machine with different fiber laser power

We received an inquiry of our LX-QG6022V3 multi-function laser pipe cutting machine from an Australian customer. He would like to use our machine to cut carbon steel pipes for building car parking racks. The size of the pipes is OD30mm with 2mm thickness and multiple cutting lengths, with over 500 different signs.


At first we suggest 1000W for the machine, which is already enough for the job. However, the customer also reveal that he would like to cut thicker tubes with different shapes in the future, like rectangular tubes & angle steel. Considering the efficiency & effect of the cutting, we recommend to update the laser power to 1500W.


We all know seeing is believing. In order to convince our customer, we set up a comparative experiment by a QG6022V3 in the workshop. We first cut one of the designs of the customer with both 1500W & 1000W under the same parameters setting.


For 1500W, it only takes about 17s to finish the cutting, and the cutting effect is also smooth & nice. But when we set it to 1000W, the machine fail to cut off the pipe. Then we try to decrease the cutting speed to two thirds of the original, and the machine can cut off the pipe with same cutting effect. But the cutting time increases to 21s. The sample we cut is one of the smallest type design from the customer. We estimate the time difference will be up to 5-7s for longer ones.


This experiment help us explain the reason why we suggest to choose higher laser power for the machine.

1. Higher cutting speed:

- 1500W is definitely 20-30% faster than 1000W when cutting the same size of pipes. With higher cutting speed, customers can increase the efficiency of production largely.


2. Wider range of applications:

- 1500W can cut pipes with thickness ≤4mm, which can cover more possible plan in the future.

We shown the experiment to the Australian customer by videos. To our surprise, not only did he decide to update the laser power, he also decided to choose us for the cutting machine project immediately, because of our quick response & professionalism. We, LX-Laser, are the expert of pipe process industry with over 18-years experience. We truly can help you find better solution of pipe cutting in your production.

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