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Longxin Laser is waiting for you at the Dongguan International Mold and Hardware Processing Exhibition.

 On November 27, 2018, Longxin Laser took LX-FL-120 laser tube cutting machine to participate in the 2018 Guangdong International Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Exhibition/20th DMP Dongguan International Mould, Hardware Processing Exhibition on-site cutting exhibition, interested in our machine Friends can go to the scene to watch.

 With the development of modern laser technology and the actual needs of customers, Longxin Laser has launched two laser tube cutting machines and achieved good results. Especially the LX-FL-120 laser tube cutting machine, this laser tube cutting machine is special in that the price is much cheaper than the market laser cutting machine, but it is very efficient. LX-FL-120 laser tube cutting machine has numerical control system, automatic feeding machine and deburring, and the cutting effect is beautiful. Since its launch, the LX-FL-120 laser tube cutting machine has responded very well, which has brought more development opportunities for Longxin Machinery.

Equipment is the soul, quality is life, and after-sales is a continuation of equipment and quality. As a leader in the pipe cutting equipment manufacturing industry, Longxin Laser has always adhered to and practiced this principle. In the past 13 years since its establishment, Longxin Laser has followed the development of the times, constantly updating new products, and establishing professional R&D team, sales team and after-sales team, only to provide customers with better products and services.

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