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When are the auxiliary gas of air, oxygen and nitrogen used for fiber laser tube cutting?

The laser cutting machine uses different auxiliary gases to cut different materials. The thickness of the cutting material is different, the pressure of the auxiliary gas and the required flow rate are different.

Common auxiliary gases are: air, oxygen, nitrogen. The laser cutting machine must use auxiliary gas in the processing of products. The auxiliary gas is mainly used in laser gas (used in the laser generator to generate laser light), compressed air (usually used to protect the optical path, some manufacturers also use it as a protective gas) and auxiliary gas (the gas sprayed from the cutting nozzle of cutting machine).

Nitrogen is used to cut stainless steel. The role is to prevent the oxidation reaction and blow off the melt. There are high requirements for the purity of nitrogen (especially stainless steel above 8mm, which generally requires a purity of 99.999%). The pressure requirement is relatively large, generally above 1Mpa. If you want to cut stainless steel above 12mm or thicker to 25mm, the pressure is required above 2Mpa or higher. 

In terms of cost, the oxygen used for cutting carbon steel is relatively cheap, and the amount of nitrogen used for cutting carbon steel is large, when cutting thicker stainless steel, and the amount of nitrogen and purity with higher requirements.

Among the three types of gases, air has the lowest cost and many customers choose it. However, if the air compressor is not well selected, it is extremely detrimental to the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, which can easily cause oily or dirty substances in the protective lens of the machine, which will cause the optical path of the fiber laser cutting machine is deviated or sometimes cannot be cut during the cutting process.

The compressed air discharged from the air compressor undergoes a series of treatments to become clean and dry gas, and finally divided into three paths. One part is composed of high-purity oxygen and high-purity nitrogen to form the cutting gas and supply it to the cutting head. One part is used as a power source to supply the cylinder of the clamping table, and the last part is used to purge and remove dust from the optical path system to maintain the normal operation of the laser cutting machine.

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