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Intelligent laser welding technology in automotive parts manufacturing

At present, industrial manufacturing is relatively mature.

And is gradually developing towards the more advanced Industry 4.0, which is fully automated production, also known as intelligent manufacturing. 

For now the purpose of intelligent automobile manufacturing is very clear, 

which is to reduce energy consumption, improve quality, improve efficiency, 

realize lean production as a whole, and promote the overall manufacturing level of automobile enterprises.

Intelligent laser welding technology in automotive parts manufacturing

With the rapid development of modern life, people gradually have requirements for comfort and aesthetics. 

Therefore, aesthetics and precision of automobiles have become very important. 

However, conventional welding ways has low in precision, easy deformation, and slow speed, making it difficult to adapt to the development trend of modern automobile intelligent manufacturing. 

With the help of high-energy density laser beams, the laser welding technology uses it as heat source.

And it is of high precision and high welding efficiency technology, which fits in line with the trend of modern automobile manufacturing.

Now laser welding is becoming more and more popular in the industry.

Intelligent laser welding technology in automotive parts manufacturing

Advantages of laser welding technology

1. Reduce processing costs

Automobile manufacturing is to assemble pre-made parts by welding or riveting. Laser welding technology can effectively reduce the number of solder joints. On the premise of quality assurance, it can reduce the use of materials, reduce overall weight, and save cost.

2. Improve production efficiency

Laser welding can be controlled by computer numerical control, with high welding accuracy and fast welding speed. The welding speed is 3-5 times faster than traditional welding, which can significantly improve welding efficiency and improve overall manufacturing efficiency.

3. No need for post-processing

The laser can be used for small-scale partial processing, small heat-affected area, and precision welding. The surface of the welded product is smooth and tidy, and the overall texture is smooth, and it can be used without post-processing.

Intelligent laser welding technology in automotive parts manufacturing

4. The body itself has low loss

Laser welding technology belongs to non-contact welding. The welding method is different from traditional welding. There is no need to use electrodes. It has very little impact on the loss and deformation of the machine. It can greatly reduce the heat input and reduce the incidence of adverse effects due to heat conduction. 

5. Wide range of welding applications

Two different materials can be welded. Common metal materials on the market can be freely combined and welded. Angles that are difficult to achieve manually can be automatically welded with a robotic arm. The welding does not need a vacuum environment and can be welded in a normal environment.

Intelligent laser welding technology in automotive parts manufacturing

With the expansion of the global automotive market demand, while the automotive manufacturing process is accelerating, advanced manufacturing technologies represented by laser technology are also constantly promoting the upgrading of the automotive manufacturing industry. 

Laser welding machine technology can help automobile manufacturers improve the quality of welding interfaces, reduce accidents and losses caused by joint problems, and help enterprises achieve cost reduction, efficiency increase, and flexible respond to market changes.

With the development of laser application, laser welding technology has been widely used in many fields such as consumer electronics, packaging, ships, aerospace, and many other fields., especially in the field of automobile manufacturing, such as automobile door welding, roof, side frames, auto parts etc.

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