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Preparation before LX pipe laser cutting machine Installation

First of all, thank you very much for choosing LX Laser pipe cutting machine. 

To ensure stable and secure installation, before the equipment is installed and put into production, please kindly pay attention to the following points. 

If you have any questions, please contact our sales staff in time.

1.Clear a place for the machine, level it to ensure that the machine and loader are well placed horizontally. 

   Check if every terminal is tightly connected at each position. 

   They may be loose during transportation.

2.The machine must be effectively grounded. 

   It is best to use copper-clad steel or galvanized rods for ground pile with a depth of 2 meters. 

   The grounding resistance should not exceed 10Ω.

3.The machine and loader each needs a low-pressure air pipe connection, usually a 10mm hose (0.6-0.8MPA), the cutting machine needs an 8mm high-pressure air pipe to connect to the laser head (2.0MPA). 

   Before connecting the high-pressure air pipe, please release the air for a few minutes to drain out the water and impurities in the air compressor.

4.Add about 18L distilled water to the chiller until it reaches the green position on the scale. 

   The chiller has 4 ports, the bigger one is connected to the laser generator(the IN port on chiller corresponds to the OUT port on laser generator, and the OUT of chiller corresponds to the IN of laser generator). 

   The other two smaller hoses are connected to the laser head to ensure water circulation. 

   The distilled water should be replaced every 1-2 months. 

   If the machine working environment is cold, please add laser antifreeze in proportion to prevent water freezing and damage the equipment(the water with antifreeze should be replaced every month).

5.Connect the laser source according to the corresponding line number, don’t forget to connect the signal cable.

6.Connect power cable, then check the voltage before power on(between L and N is 220V±5%; between L and L is 380V±5%). 

   After that, switch the red knob to “ON”, then check if the air switch voltage is normal or not(if there is no knob switch, check it directly); 

   check whether the emergency stop button on the panel has been pulled open. 

   Then close the air switch, and check whether the incoming line voltage above the contactor is normal.

7.Start up the machine in this order: 1 servo→ 2 control system→3 chillers→4 Turn on the laser source when the water temperature of the chiller reaches the preset value.

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