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tube fiber LASER cutting machine FL40


1specially for round pipe cutting:

This machine is specially for round pipe cutting, for pipe diameter ∅4-∅40mm, and cutting length 20mm-1200mm

2. High speed cutting

For long cutting length requirement, the pipes need less cutting times than pipes for short cutting length. Therefore, it request pipe feeding frequently. In this case manual feeding speed would be faster than automatic pipe feeding, that means semiautomatic pipe cutting machine is faster than full automatic cutting machine.  According to our testing, the semiautomatic cutting machine can reach 1 second 1 cut for pipe size of ∅19 × 0.3 × 500mm.

3、High stability, convenient operation:

The machine structure is very simple, no need complicated adjustment for changing the pipe clamps. That can ensure the machine stability, and easier for operation. Normally only need manual pipe feeding after set up the machine. 

4Application industry

mop pipe, mosquito net pipe, outdoor drying rack, stove cooker tube, fishing rod, simple wardrobe, tent tube and other industries.

Product Description


Main Techincal Parameter

PLCMitsubishi Japan
Pipe size rangeRound pipe Φ440mm
Pipe thickness0.17-4.0mm
maximum Cutting speed≤0.8s/pc
Cutting gap≤0.1mm
Feed length≤1200mm
"w" axis adjustment range3600
Machine repeat positioning accuracy±0.1mm/1000mm
electricity demand380V 50Hz

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