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Automatic Circular Saw Cutting Machine

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1. Fully automatic: auto loading materials + auto clamping materials + auto feeding materials + auto cutting materials.

2. High efficiency: more than 8000 workpieces per day.

3. Cut face: Burr free, smooth , no secondary processing,no need to mill or grind it.

4. Automatic identify the workpiece, head & end pieces, automatic cut them off.

5. Automatic count, stop and replace saw blade reminding.

6. High accuracy: Control Settings + mechanical positioning, guaranteed cutting accuracy ±0.05 mm

7. A worker can operate 10 machines simultaneously to ensure mass production.

8. Long life circular saw, it is can be re-sharp many times.

Model No.LX-ZW-180
Outside Diameter12-32mm
Wall thickness0.8mm
Cutting Length38-1500mm
Saw blade SizeAlloy 180mm
L*W*H (mm)8650*880*1350

Model No.LX-ZY-330LX-ZY-425
Outside Diameter14-51mm14-140mm
Wall thickness2.0mm6.0mm
Cutting Length50-1500mm50-1500mm
Saw blade SizeHSS 350mmHSS 425mm
L*W*H (mm)8500*950*18508500*950*1850


1. Cutting length can be customized.

2. Cutting shapes: Round, Square, Rectangular, Oval, Angle, Soild Bar.


Automatic Pipe Feeding


Automatic Pipe Feeding

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