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AC400 Vertical Cutting Machine Generation Machine Features:

1. Cooling system: cooling water pass 3 layer filter 

2. Frequency conversion enter. Cutting platform in indirect action is use frequency conversion control to adjust speed,  make sure that length cutting tolerance is within 2 mm.

3. All motor works only when working start, save electricity. 

4. Hand wheel type return oil cylinder. Clip pipe with a carriage return oil cylinder is plate, compared to common operation is more convenient, only need to turn the hand wheel accordingly.

5. Host angle can be adjusted according to the different profiles.

6. Electric counter.

7. Hydraulic drive, variable frequency return.

Model No.AC400 Vertical Cutting Machine
Machine Size (L x W x H) 3.2 mx0.8mx1.7m
Advantagehydraulic drive, frequency conversion carriage return
 Cutting range φ≤133 And same size rectangular pipe
Cutting ability Stainless steel ≤3.0mm,Carbon steel≤10.0mm
Saw blade sizeφ≤450mm
VoltageAC380V 50HZ

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