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fully automatic tube&pipe laser cutting machine for vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner manufacturer from our domestic market ordered a FL120 fully automatic tube&pipe laser cutting machine from us before.

Now the machine has been running for several days. They told us that single feeding and cutting can be completed in 2 seconds. And the average speed can be up         to 3 sec/cut.

       Followings are the specifications of their cutting:

Material: carbon steel and stainless steel

Cutting: φ32*0.5t*503(L)

Application: telescopic tube 


FL120 fully automatic tube&pipe laser cutting machine advantage

       1. Automatic feeding, saving material and labor cost and improving efficiency

          Automatic cutting products conveying. Easy operation design, one man can operate 5-10 machines at the same time.

      2. Automatic sensing and cutting the pipe heads and remains

         Photo-sensing pipe heads and cutting remains kick-out. Save labor handling procedure.

      3. Short pipe cutting remains; save material and optimize working process

        By its smart design in feeding pipe, it greatly minimizes cutting remains’ length and thus saves steel material loss(≤40mm).

      4. Smooth and burr-free cutting

        No burr, no trace, do not required for de-burr process.

fully automatic tube

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