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Extchange-table Sheet Metal Cutting Machine LX-3015Y

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Extchange-table Sheet Metal Cutting Machine – LX-3015Y

Extchange-table Sheet Metal Cutting Machine LX-3015Y

Machine Frame

—— The LX-3015Y features a stress-relieved frame treated at 600°C, ensuring stability and preventing deformation, allowing it to operate reliably for 20 years.

—— The LX-3015Y has a heavy-duty machine bed with thicker materials, guaranteeing stability and vibration reduction during high-speed cutting operations.

Fully Enclosed Protective Cover

—— The LX-3015Y is equipped with a fully enclosed protective cover, ensuring safety and reliability. It prevents cutting smoke from polluting the factory environment and complies with CE workplace safety standards.

Extchange-table Sheet Metal Cutting Machine LX-3015Y

Cast Aluminum Beam

—— The machine utilizes a cast aluminum beam known for its excellent rigidity, high strength, and lightweight properties. Weighing only half as much as traditional cast iron beams, it enables fast and efficient operations.

Dual-Drive Exchange Worktable

—— The LX-3015Y is equipped with a dual-drive exchange worktable, enabling seamless transition and quick exchange between two different sheets. This feature maximizes efficiency and productivity.

Extchange-table Sheet Metal Cutting Machine LX-3015Y

Integrated Electrical Control Cabinet

—— The LX-3015Y adopts an integrated electrical control cabinet design, occupying minimal floor space, facilitating transportation, and simplifying maintenance.

Zoned Ventilation System

—— Our machine incorporates a zoned ventilation system that effectively captures and removes cutting smoke, creating a smoke-free environment and ensuring a clean workspace.

Extchange-table Sheet Metal Cutting Machine LX-3015Y

Built-in Cutting Process Parameter Database

—— With a comprehensive and practical cutting process parameter database, the LX-3015Y simplifies operations and ensures optimal cutting results effortlessly.

Stylish and Modern Design

—— The LX-3015Y showcases a cutting-edge exterior design that combines aesthetics with a strong sense of technology, enhancing the overall appeal of your workspace.

Extchange-table Sheet Metal Cutting Machine LX-3015Y

Working Sheet1500 * 3000mm
Repeat Position Angle土0.05mm
Working speedl00m/min
Power demand28KW
Machine weight5500kg
Apparent size8800*2600*2150mm

Extchange-table Sheet Metal Cutting Machine LX-3015Y

1.Can LX-3015Y be manually loaded?

The new economic model may have a manual solution, but the standard LX-3015Y is not supported

2. Ignoring the loading, can LX-3015Y cut angle steel, H-shaped profile, and U-shaped profile?

Ignoring the loading, LX-3015Y can cut special shaped profiles, but this involves the problem of the loading system, LX-3015X standard configuration does not support.

3.In addition to Chinese and English, can LX-3015Y support other languages?

Supporting Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, just need to translate the corresponding language, then import into the system.

4. How and what needs to be maintained, how often, which areas need lubrication, what kind of oil needs to be used and so on?

Basically, just need to keep the machine clean & tidy by removing the dust & scraps around the machine, so as to keep frequent operation.

In addition, there are 2 parts need to fill lubricating oil (feed to laser cutting components and loading components). 

Just check if there is enough oil in these two boxes every shift before starting the machine. 

The oil is JIS K2213 or ISO Vg32 or at the same level, specially for lubricate pneumatic parts. 

It is easy to find at the market.

One more part needs to brush butter is the feeding roller device, brushing frequency depends on using condition. Don’t have to brush frequently.

5.How clean the steel tubes must be in order to work with the laser cutting machine?

For most of our customers who are cutting steel pipes, their pipes have oil on it, the main purpose is to prevent rust. So far, the cutting is good; no customer has said that this affects the cutting.

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