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High speed cutter machine LX-ZC-32


Suitable Shape &Material

High speed cutter machine LX-ZC-32 Main advantages:

1.      intelligent display screen operation, Easy to learn, convenient and efficient;

2.      Head & tail pieces cut off automatically, no need secondary processing.

3.      Use cutter to cut, do not need to worry about loss of saw blade;

4.      Dry cutting processing, protect environment, won’t affect quality of work piece.

5.      Accuracy could be up to ±0.20mm, depends on pipe material length & perpendicularity.

6.      Adopt intelligent full automatic loading rack, Automatic loading, automatic feeding, labor saving.

7.      Adopt brand servo motor, servo in feed, servo cut, servo adjust, make cutting pipe more efficient more simple.

8.      In feed equipment adopt specialized carriage guide rail for CNC lathe.

9.      The cutting effect is better for cutting of mosquito nets tube, mop tubes, and broom tubes (inside and outside of pipe cut can plug rubber plug).

10.   Pipe cut surface can be shrunk and can not shrink, can meet a variety of processing needs (depends on cutter)

11.   Speed can be adjusted; rotation speed can be adjusted; different pipe diameters can use different speeds; frequency conversion adjustment (convenient adjustment, no manual adjustment is required).


High speed cutter machine LX-ZC-32

High speed cutter machine LX-ZC-32

High speed cutter machine LX-ZC-32


Model   No.

High speed cutter machine LX-ZC-32

Air pressure


Motor   speed

1440   turn (Frequency conversion)

Motor   Power


Feed way

Auto   feeding (auto cut off head & end piece)

Clamp   way

Pneumatic   clamp

In feed   way

Servo in   feed

Cutter   head

Cutter blade   (not saw blade)

Standard   raw material length

Standard   6m (could be customized)

Net   Weight

Approx 1500kg

Machine   approx size



Cutting capacity (mild steel)  High speed cutter machine LX-ZC-32

Outside diameter


Wall thickness

Below 0.8mm

Cutting Length

Standard 38-1000mm ( could be customized)

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