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pipe laser cutting machine


Lonxin laser pipe cutting machine features

1. Longxin mechanical laser cutting machine can cut a plurality of cylindrical intersecting line holes with different directions and diameters on the main pipe, satisfying the conditions of the perpendicular and non-eccentric vertical intersection between the branch pipe axis and the main pipe axis

2. the cylindrical intersecting line can be cut at the end of the branch pipe. The end of the pipe meets the condition of perpendicular intersection and oblique intersection of the eccentric and non-eccentricity of the branch axis and the main axis. (Can meet three-way and multi-pass cutting)

3. can cut the end face of the pipe at the end of the pipe.

4. It can cut the intersecting end of the branch pipe intersecting with the circular main pipe.

5. can cut square holes and waist holes on the round pipe

6. can cut the steel pipe

7. can cut various shapes on the square pipe surface

8. Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and other metal pipe materials

9. laser cutting ,High precision , accuracy ±0.1mm

Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Product Description

laser pipe cutting machine parameters

Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Main Techincal Parameter

laser pipe cutting machine cutting effect

Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

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