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Different methods for metal tube cutting

There are a lot of tube cutting & processing methods used in various industries for metal pipes. Usually, it’s common to use grinding wheels cutting machine, circular saw blade cutting machine, automatic lathe cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine and so on. What is the best way to cut & process metal pipe workpiece?

1.If there is not any high requirement on the cutting effect, it’s suggested to use grinding wheels cutting machine, which will be the most economical way with low operation cost. But it also has inevitable disadvantages including low cutting speed, lots of burrs, deformation on workpiece, high noise to working area & so on.

2.Compared with grinding wheels, circular saw is faster and more accurate in pipe cutting. The burrs it brings to the pipes can be controlled perfectly based on its own quality. But normally the service lifetime of circular saws are not so long and with high maintenance cost. The overall labor cost for this kind of machine are also high.

3.Automatic lathe cutting machine has the advantages of good cutting effect & good cutting speed. The machine is also easy for operator to control and maintain. But it still requires replacing the lathe blades frequently during cutting operation, and the cost of material is still high.

4.Laser technology is able to avoid most disadvantages of traditional cutting methods for pipe cutting. Laser tube cutting machine is extremely fast in cutting, which is very suitable for mass production. The cutting effect is nice without burrs & deformation. The accuracy is perfectly controlled in standard range as well. But the cost of the machine itself is higher than traditional machines, especially to small batch production users.

In summary, there is not a perfect method which could be considered absolutely as the best to metal pipe cutting. It’s necessary to confirm precise proposal based on details of the workpiece, including diameter, thickness, cutting length, daily demands & cutting effect request. LX-Laser is able to provide customers with solution of suitable models and even customization according to their industries. For more information of solution to pipe cutting, please kindly contact LX-Laser anytime!

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