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Fully automatic Laser tube cutting and chamfering line

We received a inquiry from Europe client that they wanted a solution for fully automatic cutting and chamfering line.


Inquiry details:

1. Need the fully Automatic Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

2. The laser pipe cutting machine also working in line with a 2 side chamfering machine



Our Proposal: Fully automatic pipe cutting and chamfering line



Automatic pipe loading → automatic pipe feeding → automatic pipe cutting → automatic pipe heads & remains separate from work pieces (fully automatic laser pipe cutting machine) → work pieces be conveyed to the feeder (conveyor) → automatic feeding into chamfering machine (automatic feeder) → automatic chamfering (CNC double head chamfering machine)





Laser tube cutting machine + conveyor video: https://youtu.be/3x3RGJXtyCc



Auto feeder + chamfering machine video: https://youtu.be/DxSm-rNE1XA

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