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Laser cutting machine cutting tube gas and pressure selection and description

Laser cutting machine is now the trend of cutting industry. Many companies are slowly replacing traditional cutting machine with high efficiency and good effect. The laser cutting machine needs to care when choosing laser cutting machine. One of the problems is that what gas is needed to cut the tube is good and the cost is low.

Laser cutting machine cutting tube gas and pressure selection and description

     In fact, when laser cutting machine is cut, depending on the material of the cutting tube, different cutting gases are selected, which has a great influence on the quality of the laser cutting machine.

    1. When the gas pressure is too low, the laser does not easily penetrate the cutting pipe, and the penetration time increases, resulting in low productivity.

    2. When the gas pressure is too high, the penetration point is melted to form a larger melting point, thereby affecting the quality of the cutting.

    3. When the laser cutting machine cuts ordinary carbon steel, the thicker the material, the lower the pressure of the cutting gas, and the cutting gas pressure increases with the thickness of the material when cutting the stainless steel. In short, the choice of cutting gas and pressure during laser cutting must be adjusted according to the actual situation during cutting. In specific applications, different cutting parameters should be selected according to the specific conditions.


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