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Application of laser tube cutting machine in automotive components manufacturing industry

With the improvement of living standards, cars have become a necessary tool for people to travel.Consumers' pursuit of individuality, function and taste has also led to the continuous innovation of automobile manufacturing technology and introduction of new generation products.

This is a big test for automobile manufacturers, and they need to consider how to reduce production costs while also improving manufacturing technology.

Application of laser tube cutting machine in automotive components manufacturing industry

Thanks to the advantages of non-contact, flexibility and high-precision processing, laser application technology has basically covered all areas of the automobile manufacturing industry, especially laser cutting technology, which has been fully applied to auto parts, body, door frame, trunk , car roof cover and many other aspects.

As one of the highly intelligent industries at present, automobile manufacturing has integrated a variety of production processes, and laser, as one of the important technologies, has achieved up to 70% of the intelligent production of accessories.The emergence of laser cutting technology has greatly reduced the production cost of enterprises and improved the production efficiency of enterprises.

Longxin Laser provides customers with a variety of high-quality laser tube cutting intelligent equipment, which can meet the processing of tubes of different materials and thicknesses.Longxin Laser continues to invest in R&D technologies to make machine tools run more stable, produce more efficient, and operate more intelligently.

Longxin Laser has a fast and professional after-sales service team, each equipment has a professional team to follow and promises to respond quickly to solve problems.

Laser cutting is applied in the auto parts industry, it has many advantages:

1.Fast cutting speed, good cutting quality and high precision

2.Narrow cutting seam, smooth cutting surface, without damaging the workpiece;

3.It is not affected by the shape of the workpiece and the hardness of the material being cut;

4.In addition to processing metal materials, it can also cut non-metals;.

5.Save mold investment,material and costs effectively;

6.Easy operation, safe, stable performance, speed up the development of new products, with wide adaptability and flexibility.

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