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How long is the life of metal tube laser cutting machine?

Many customers received various after-sales problems after purchasing laser pipe cutting machine. The main cause of machine failure is that the operators did not operate in accordance with the requirements, or did not regularly maintain the equipment. Over time, it will inevitably shorten the life of the fiber laser tube cutting machine and increase its after-sales cost.

So how does the tube laser cutting machine need to be maintained? In daily work, how to use the tube laser cutting machine correctly? What are the components?

CNC pipe laser cutting equipment is mainly composed of pipe cutting machine tools, CNC pipe cutting systems, laser generator, laser power, water cooling systems, etc. The cutting machine tool is the core of the equipment.

Tube laser cutting is achieved by the relative movement of the laser beam and the workpiece. In the design of this machine, the tube rotates axially (X-axis) and the laser head moves horizontally (y-axis) to synthesize the motion trajectory, that is, the motion mode of the laser beam flying in one direction. At the same time, the laser head (Z axis) follows the focus tracking, and is controlled by the numerical control system to perform reciprocating processing of segmented punching and cutting of the workpiece. The process parameters can be set according to the processing requirements of the workpiece.

Three factors affect the life of laser pipe cutting machine

1.The gear parts of the laser pipe cutting machine are worn out. If you want the laser pipe cutting machine to cut stably, it is necessary to apply some lubricating oil to the gear parts at intervals to reduce mechanical wear and keep the machine running normally.

2.The working environment of workshop is to clean garbage and dust frequently. Not only are people happy and efficient when working in a clean environment, but also laser pipe cutting machine. Working in a clean environment, the life of laser pipe cutting machine will be much longer. This is also what needs to be paid attention to in the operation essentials.

3.For laser pipe cutting machine, the important part is laser head. The laser head is a very fragile and easily damaged part of the laser pipe cutting machine, and it is also an indispensable part. The service life of laser head need to be noticed. If laser pipe cutting machine is used for a long time without maintenance, it may cause the cutting head to stop working.

Therefore, the key point in operating laser pipe cutting machine is to master the maintenance of the laser head. In addition, it is necessary to check the track straightness of laser cutting machine and the flatness of machine tool to see if there is any imbalance. If it is found to be abnormal, it needs to be adjusted in time. Otherwise, it will increase the cutting error value of  workpiece, which will seriously affect the cutting quality and reduce the cutting speed and cutting accuracy.

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