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Maintenance of electrical cabinet of laser pipe cutting machine

As we all know, laser pipe cutting machine is composed of laser, chiller, air compressor, voltage regulator, rack and other parts, so the question comes:which part is the most important?  

In fact, the electrial cabinet is important but easy to be ignored part of the laser pipe cutting machine 

The cabinet contains most of the circuit boards of the laser pipe cutting machine, even we can call it "the heart of the laser pipe cutting machine".  

If the maintenance of the electric cabinet is not proper, then the laser pipe cutting machine will not run smoothly.

Please follow us to learn the maintenance of electric cabinet today.  

First of all, the laser pipe cutting machine requires for good environment:not only good ventilation, temperature but also should keep 26-32 degrees in summer, 25-29 degrees in winter.

We should be better to remove the air conditioning filter every month to clean (washing or cleaning with compressed air are OK), to ensure good ventilation and heat dissipation.  

Secondly, any of the dust should not be in the circuit board, it will effect the running of the machine,so sweep the dust in the cabinet every six months with a brush or dry cloth (do not use compressed air).  

If the environment is harsh, then do it once a month.  

Please pay attention that the equipment must be powered off before dust removal, and do not touch any wiring ports within 5 minutes after the power failure.  

Finally, the circuit board is also very afraid of water, so please make sure there is no any water in the electric cabinet. 

In humid areas or wet seasons, regular dehumidification is required.

It can only work well in ventilated, clean, dry and good heat-dissipation surroundings.

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