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Spatter reduced system in laser pipe cutting machine

General laser pipe cutting machine can be used in the metal furniture manufacturing industry, because this industry has no special requirements for the inner wall of the pipes.

But some high precision processing industries, including automotive parts manufacturing industry, have high requirements on the cleanliness of the inner wall of pipes. 

Usually they need assemble the moving components in the pipes. If there is a large spatter in the inner wall of the pipe, it may cause noise when it is in use. 

To add a spatter reduced system in a laser cutting machine is the good solution for it.

When the machine cuts the pipe, the spatter reduced system will extend the copper rod into the pipe, at the same time, it absorbs the residue generated during laser cutting to achieve the effect of cleaning the inner wall of the work-piece. When a work-piece is cut, the copper pipe will Return to the original position and let the work-piece fall to complete the cutting.

It can be seen from the comparison of the above pictures that the inside of the tube is very clean, while the tube without spatter reduced system,it has some slag attached to it. Because the slag will be melted during laser cutting, when the slag is touched The wall of the tube cools quickly and is attached to the tube. If it is manually cleaned, it will produce more the process and the labor cost and the effect is often not obvious. Some customers have higher requirements for the inner wall of the tube, such as bearings that need to be made in the tube, auto parts, furniture, kitchen supplies and other work-pieces, etc..

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