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Why not buy used laser pipe cutting machines

We often receive help calls from users. Some of them ask us for assistance after buying a certain brand of second-hand laser pipe cutting machine but can’t find their after-sales, and some find out the used machine cannot be started normally. As a professional laser pipe cutting machine manufacturer, we must say it is not recommended to buy a second-hand laser tube cutter.

As we know, a second-handed machine means it is abandoned for some reasons. Users who buy a second-handed laser pipe cutting machine can’t get information and after-sales directly for original manufacturer. Therefore, when there are problems with the machine, they can’t have timely after-sales service, production is delayed due to the stop of machine. More worse, some users who don’t know much about equipment, only found out the machine is no longer within the warranty period after they purchased. Now, if you start with a machine beyond the guarantee, you just buy yourself trouble. Please don’t forget to compare the configuration of the second-hand machine with the universal standard configuration, if there is a big price difference, just give up decisively! There is a bottom line for buying second-hand machines.

In fact, users want to buy a second-hand laser pipe cutting machine because they care about the price of the equipment. They think that the second-hand machine is cheaper. But what they really care about is the cost-effectiveness. Choosing cost-effective products is everyone's pursuit, but we can't just focus on price and ignore quality, we must consider both.

It is recommended that users should refer to the application scope and the working intensity of the machine before making decision. In general, if the equipment can meet your basic needs, and the quality is guaranteed, there is a complete after-sales service, and cost-effective, then this laser pipe cutting machine is capable of increasing production efficiency, as well as saving cost for your engineering project.

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