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Common Faults And Solutions Of CNC Laser Cutting Machine

1.CNC laser output failure

(1) The air tightness of the air path at the laser output is reduced. Due to the reduced air tightness, there will be a problem that oxygen enters the gas path, and then the laser discharge tube in the circuit will synthesize the gas in it, and synthesize gases such as carbon dioxide into various gases. If the amount of gas components is too large to seriously affect the laser oscillation, it is necessary to use nitrogen to spray the gas circuit before operation, and use nitrogen to discharge the excess oxygen in the circuit after a few minutes.

(2) After the laser machine is used for a long time, the oil in the Roots pump will be vaporized due to high pressure, and the oil will be adsorbed on the electrode and further lead to electrode damage. At this time, you can check whether the Roots pump is sealed and check the electrode on time. Is it normal to reduce electrode damage.

(3) There are foreign objects on the laser output window. When there are foreign objects on the laser output window, black spots will appear on the laser, which will reduce the energy of the laser. Check the output window for foreign objects when using it.

2. Z-axis follow-up system failure

(1) During the operation of the Z axis, there is a foreign object blocking the running track of the Z axis, which causes the failure of the follow-up system. When running the cutting machine, the staff should check the movement track of the Z-axis to avoid the failure of the follow-up system caused by foreign objects.

(2) The sensor of Z-axis fails or fails, so that the sensor cannot detect the Z-axis. The staff should check the sensor to see if there is too much dust or poor contact. If it is normal to check whether the data line of the conduction band is damaged or has poor contact, if it is not normal, replace the data line. If it is normal to check whether the voltage line is normal, when the waveform is checked, it is A normal sine waveform indicates that the sensor is in good condition. If there is an irregular waveform in the detection, it proves that the sensor chip is broken.

(3) The weight of the cutting head is high, and the overload phenomenon occurs during the processing. When the cutting machine is running, the weight of the cutting head exceeds the limit of the Z-axis, which will cause the overload phenomenon during operation. The staff should calculate the weight of the cutting head to ensure that the weight of the cutting head is within the bearing range of the Z-axis tension.

3. The fault of the probe foot of the cutting machine

As the use time becomes longer, the sensor core will be out of round, and the magnetic field lines will be damaged, and in the case of magnetic field damage, it can be clearly observed that the sensor will move up and down along with the rotation. In this case, the sensor should be replaced in time. The fault that causes the probe to vibrate up and down may also be due to the influence of dust. Since the probe is located on the nozzle, if it is not cleaned for a long time, a lot of dust will accumulate, resulting in poor contact between the probe and the nozzle, and the signal from the probe and the nozzle will pass. The intermittent phenomenon of the circuit will also cause the probe foot to vibrate up and down. The staff can use alcohol to clean up the dust on it.

4. Automatic blanking failure of cutting machine

(1) Due to the influence of temperature, under the influence of temperature, the distance between the nozzle and other parts in the Z axis changes, and the focus of the laser cannot fall on the processed parts, which reduces the work efficiency. The parts are completely penetrated, resulting in the failure of the cutting machine to automatically blank the material. The staff should adjust the zero reset button on the transmitter, which can effectively improve the failure of automatic blanking.

(2) If the oxygen is not pure, the parts under construction cannot be completely oxidized due to the impure oxygen, resulting in the failure of automatic blanking. The staff should replace the oxygen in time to ensure the sealing of the oxygen cylinder.

(3) The installation size of the probe foot and the workpiece is too different, and the focus point of the laser cannot fall on the part, resulting in the failure of automatic blanking. In this case, the staff should replace the working parts of the probe foot. The fourth is that the lens on the optical path is damaged, which makes the laser unable to focus. The staff should replace the damaged lens in time.

5. Light failure of the cutting machine

(1) Overtravel of the follower system, because the follower system is overtravel and the probe foot fails to be corrected, the pressure of the workpiece will increase. At the same time, due to long-term use, some thimbles on the workbench will be damaged or broken, which will cause the support of the workpiece to disappear, and will not be able to withstand the pressure brought by the probe feet, which will cause overtravel and cause light output failure. In this case, the probe feet should be corrected in time, and the thimble on the worktable should be replaced, which can effectively eliminate this fault.

(2) The 45° circular polarizer is not installed properly, usually due to the change of the installation angle during routine maintenance. This change will cause the laser to be blocked by the wall of the optical path and unable to pass through the focusing mirror, resulting in the failure of the cutting machine to emit light. The circular polarizer should be re-installed to ensure that the laser can be smoothly absorbed into the focusing lens.

(3) Since the laser cannot be emitted because the shutter is not opened, the staff can just open the shutter.

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