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CNC Tube Circular Sawing Machine

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1. Low-speed rotation of the high-speed hacksaw piece, suitable for cutting metal pipe. No burr,no black ,not deformed.

2. Servo feeding, feeding accuracy +-0.1mm. The biggest feed a 1 meters, can be customized extended edition.

3. The switch button and the PLC control, easy operation.

4. Can be set multiple intelligence feed, the machine cutting length can reach to any times of a single feed.

5. Can be set up a number of different cutting length and quantity, then machine finish cutting automatic

6. Have no material Shutdown、alarm messages automatically detected system and Automatic .

7. Powerful cooling system to ensure the durability of the saw blade, and service life.

8. A work cycle 6-7 seconds / piece. Bundle cutting. According to the pipe size specifications to adjust the speed.

9. Vertical chute cutting, cutting to ensure stability.

10. PLC touch screen control, high resolution 10 inch LCD screen display, the length is adjustable. Liquid crystal display real-time cutting 3 d animation function, cutting more intuitive.

Model No.CS-330CNC-H
Outside DiameterMax. 95mm
Solid Bar DiameterMax. 25mm
Cutting LengthMax. 900mm
Cutting Degrees90
Saw blade Size250-325mm
L*W*H (mm)1800*1100*1900

Model No.CS-355CNC-HCS-425CNC-H
Outside DiameterMax. 120mmMax. 150mm
Solid Bar DiameterMax. 40mmMax. 40mm
Cutting LengthMax. 1500mmMax. 1500mm
Cutting Degrees90/45(optional)90/45(optional)
Saw blade Size325-400mm300-450mm
L*W*H (mm)3100*1500*19003100*1500*1900


1. Cutting length can be customized.

2. Cutting shapes: Round, Square, Rectangular, Oval, Angle, Soild Bar.


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